Our Services

Consulting & Product Development

From a concept to finished product. Modus Light provides the bridge in turning ideas into products ready for the Market. Our Product Development team has extensive experience in working with a range of companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our teams extensive knowledge ranges from engineering, CAD drawing, quality requirement, detailed specifications, sourcing the necessary raw materials, to identifying the correct manufacturing plants to work with.

With our hands on approach, we're able to take the concept into the final stage of sampling for a working prototype of the product. 



Production & Quality Control

Modus Light works with hundreds of factories in the Pacific Rim in order to control the supply chain process. We handle every facet from the procurement of raw materials, conversion of raw materials, weaving and dyeing, injection molding, hot and cold forging, extrusions, laser cutting, cut and sew, printing, labeling, corrugate, and packaging. This provides a snap shot of how hands on we are to ensure the manufacturing of top quality goods.

Our Quality Control team goes onsite at random during each production run with our organized and systematic process to ensure the finished goods meet our strict specification and quality standard.

Factory Sourcing

Modus Light has sourcing teams with offices in both China and Taiwan to match our customer’s precise needs to the applicable Pacific Rim country and area of manufacturing within the applicable industry. Prior to providing product specifications to the pre-qualified factory, we require a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect our clients intellectual property. This enables us to negotiate costs, identify lead-times for both sampling and mass production.

With extensive knowledge and experience in multiple industries crossing over from Automotive Tools, Consumables, Medical, Soft Line and Outdoor Products, and Apparel. We have the capacity to qualify factories and provide costing on products that crossover multiple industries.



Import & Fulfillment

With a worldwide logistics supply chain, Modus Light has a global presence and ability to propel goods across the globe. With established partnerships with some of the most reliable freight forwarders in the world, we are able to ensure on-time deliveries and up-to-date information on all shipments en-route to our customers door by handling custom clearance in both China and North America.