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Lumikenka ® – The innovative and dynamic brand that combines patented anti-mosquito and anti-microbial applications into all of their patent pending outdoor blankets. All of Lumikenka’s products are integrated with cutting edge formulas that truly are revolutionary.  Lumikenka combines organic chemistry with highly fashionable designs – more importantly Lumikenka embodies care for the people who use their products and for the land their products are used on. Lumikenka – increase happiness into your life.

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Outdoor blankets

Lumikenka Outdoor Blankets are extremely comfortable and engineered with breathable fabric for an extra luxurious experience. Every blanket is treated with Ultra-Fresh for Anti-Bacterial Protection and Greenfirst for Anti-Mosquito.

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large outdoor blanket

Large blanket fit 4-8 people. Size: 9.84' x 9.84'

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standard outdoor blanket

Standard blanket fits: 2-4 people. Size: 6.56' x 6.56'

Special Features

  • Durable and Water-resistant material

  • Adjustable strap for effortless carrying

  • Compatible with metal stakes

  • Small pocket storage for smartphones and other small objects

  • Folding instruction manual on blanket